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New authors may be unfamiliar with the technicalities of all the processes that come along with the book creation journey. If you are one of such authors, there’s a good chance you may have believed your work is done after you send your edited manuscript to the publisher. Sadly, that’s not the case. One process many authors aren’t familiar with is getting book copyright. Your words are certainly yours when you create a book, but there may be times when you may need legal help to protect your work. For example, if you get a deal for a movie adaptation for your book, you may need to protect the ownership of your characters or fantasy world. Otherwise, the ensuing legal issues may drag you down into a swamp of stress. Our teams can prevent this from happening to you. By handing over the copyright registration process to Complete Writing Solutions, you will be able to relax because our experts are tenacious. They will make sure every detail in your form is accurate before submitting it.

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Our Unique Process of Book Copywriting

Protect Your Work with Our Book Copyright Services

Identify Submission Type

Certain rules detail which submission—electronic or manual—will apply to you. You need to identify this first.

Fill Out the Form

You need to visit the U.S. Copyright website, choose the correct form, and fill out the application. Make sure everything is accurate.

Pay the Required Fee

Once you have completed the forms with the correct information, you can proceed with the payment. The fee is $45 for a book with a single author.

Submit Copy of Your Book

Based on your submission type, you now need to submit a copy of your book electronically or by mail. Please note this copy will be non-returnable.


Answers To Your Common Queries

  • Do I need to copyright my book?

    While your work is usually protected under U.S. law, if there is a legal dispute over your characters or any element of your book, you will need to possess copyright before you can file a case. If you wish to avoid this situation, then yes, you will need the copyright of a book.

  • How long will my copyright registration cover?

    It will last for your entire life, with an additional seventy years.

  • How will Complete Writing Solutions help me?

    We take the stress out of the copyright equation. With us, you can be sure your work will be registered without you worrying about the details.

  • How do you copyright a book?

    You can either visit the U.S. Copyright Office website and submit your application there or hire us instead!

  • How much does it cost to copyright a book?

    If you are doing this on your own, it will cost you $45. If you are requesting our help, our pricing is different. Please contact us for more details.

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