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If you already have an exciting book written and ready to be published, all you need now is to pair it with is an equally enthralling cover design. Fortunately for you, the professional book cover design team at Complete Writing Solutions is ready to take said task off your hands and provide you with an “I-must-get-this-book” design. So whether you need a no-nonsense illustration for your business book or a whimsical one for your fantasy book cover design, our brilliant, inventive designers can do it all. Our team of editors will comb through your manuscript to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors, while our ghostwriters will do the same with your storyline, characters, etc. All of our work goes through an editing process before we publish it; this means you can rest assured that you’ll receive high-quality services that are ready to go right out of the gate. No matter how the saying goes, people judge a book by its cover, so it is essential to hire book cover designers who will treat your project as if it were their own. Talk to us today!

What Our Professional Ebook & Print Cover Design Services Include

Our experts will provide you with an all-inclusive package or individual services for the following:

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Why Us

Reasons To Choose Our Book Cover Services

High Quality Design

Our expert designers will create a completely unique, high-quality design for your book cover that reflects the content inside.

Free Barcodes and ISBN

A book cover design includes two barcodes and an ISBN on the back. We will provide these to you completely free of cost.

Publication-Ready Package

Our team will provide you with the complete design with front, back and spine images and ensure that everything is publication-ready.

Unlimited Revisions

It's your book. And you have the choice to tweak the look of the cover as you see fit. Our designers will happily accommodate you.


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How It Works

Select a Cover Design Package

Choose the cover option you need based on your requirements.

Provide Your Book Cover Design Ideas

If you already have some ideas, share with us.

Pay Your Invoice

Pay for the service through our easy payment options.

Review your Design

Review the design that we send and provide feedback.


Answers To Your Common Queries

  • What are Your Book Cover Design Prices?

    Our book design prices depend on the complexity of the idea you want to implement and the urgency of the project. For details and more, please reach out to one of friendly customer support personnel.

  • Why Should I Get a Book Designer?

    A well-designed book cover gives an impression of professionalism and creates a positive first impression for people scrolling through a list of books on Amazon or passing by a shelf of books in a bookstore. Our designers will make sure to create an eye-catching book cover for you. Talk to us today!

  • What If I Don't Like the Design?

    Writers and designers are from different worlds, and it is quite possible that what you imagined for your cover did not turn out as you expected it to. Complete Writing Solutions offers unlimited revisions, so you can request changes until you are completely satisfied with the result.

  • Why Should I Choose Complete Writing Solutions?

    If you’re looking for the best book cover design, then we’re the ones to provide you with that without breaking your bank. Indie authors love us because we provide cost-effective yet quality book cover designs. If you’re interested in joining our happy customer base or want to learn more about us, get on a free, no-obligation call with us today!

  • Are There Any Hidden Charges in Your Services?

    Absolutely not! The price that we quote will be all-inclusive of the services that we provide. We do not harass our clients mid-way through the project with unnecessary add-ons and surprise invoices.

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