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Our agency is a smithy of creative writing. Here, our wordsmiths hammer and shape rough ideas and craft them into unique pieces of artwork people can’t help but admire. Our creative writing professionals have spent years in the book creation industry and have complete knowledge of the writing process, as well as the post-publishing one. They keep a lookout for reading trends and are able to craft stories in which readers would be immediately interested. So, if you are new to this field and need someone to guide you through the way, Complete Writing Solutions can help. When budding writers come to us for help, we teach them the trade tricks while writing a novel they request. With us, they gain an understanding of creating exquisite fantasy worlds, drafting heart-wrenching tales of tragedy, and peppering the right number of obstacles for star-crossed lovers. Moreover, our editors will use their experience to cut out confusing elements and errors surgically, leaving the manuscript ready to be consumed by readers around the world.

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We Are Idea Translators

The teams at Complete Writing Solutions are idea translators. They are able to take the client’s prompt and basic instructions and expand them into a complete, engaging story.

Experienced Editors

No book is complete without an editor’s help. We have a host of talented proofreaders who make sure every aspect of the book is top-notch and the quality is publish-ready.

100% Original Execution

Story ideas can be similar; after all, there are only seven plots in the world. But it is the writing execution that sets novels apart. Our experts will bring a unique approach and twist to your tale.

Free Unlimited Revisions

We understand you may have visualized your novel in your mind. Thus, when a story arc or any element of your book does not reflect it, you can ask for revisions—as many as you want!




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Provide us details about your project like genre, the number of pages, and add-ons (editing, publishing help, etc.)

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We will confirm your order after processing the payment. We will now assign one of our best novel writers to the task.


Our writer will send you an initial draft on which you can provide feedback. We will resume after your approval.

Project Delivery

After incorporating your feedback, our writers will complete your novel, and our editors will polish it for you.


Answers To Your Common Queries

  • How to write a novel?

    If you want to craft a story but don’t know where to start, here are the five steps to writing a novel: research outline, draft, composing, and editing. Of course, each step requires a specialist to perfect. And if you’re looking for one, hop on a free, no-obligation discovery call with our creative writing professionals and discuss the steps in detail.

  • How to choose the best novel writers for hire?

    If you wish to choose the best novel ghostwriters, you should check the type of guarantees and the free add-on features they offer. You should also go through the testimonials to see how their clients have fared after hiring their services. So, if you’re looking for a reliable novel writing expert, talk to our professionals today!

  • How to start writing a novel on a fantasy topic?

    To start, you need to research and make your choices based on audience—which type of readers you would like to write for and current trends—writing for trending sub-genres can help you improve sales (just like how the popularity of Hunger Games increased sales of the dystopian genre)

  • Why should I choose your novel services?

    When you hire our novel writer, you are guaranteed to receive an unputdownable story. Moreover, we will assign a dedicated project manager to you who will ensure your project is completed and delivered on time. We also offer a free, no-obligation consultation. So, talk to our wordsmiths today and discuss your needs!

  • What genres in novel writing do you offer?

    Apart from our services in the top-selling genre of fiction book writing, our experts can help you experiment with almost all types of genres. You can also hire us to write in other genres, e.g., a romance novel or an autobiography!

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