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The press release writers at Complete Writing Solutions are in a league of their own. They are industry experts who take the time to understand your business positioning and create strong, impactful, SEO-optimized press releases. As a result, our PRs don’t just give you a massive burst of traffic after distribution. In addition, you will continue to get attention due to the strategic keyword optimization in our PRs. Well-crafted press releases can be a potent addition to your business’ content marketing arsenal. Our writers and editors ensure your success on different platforms at Complete Writing Solutions. Our team of editors will comb through your manuscript to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors, while our ghostwriters will do the same with your storyline, characters, etc. All of our work goes through an editing process before we publish it; this means you can rest assured that you’ll receive high-quality press releases that are ready to go right out of the gate! So make the most of the best online press release ghostwriting and distribution services today!

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Why Hire Press Release Writers from Complete Writing Solutions?

SEO Friendly Content

Our SEO press release writers will choose the highest-ranking keywords and place them strategically in your PR.

Completely Ghostwritten

Our press release writers work to assist your brand. They will ghostwrite your PR and transfer all rights to you!

100% Original PR

Our PR writers will provide you with an outstanding, original press release to garner substantial media attention.

Quick Turnaround Time

Complete Writing Solutions offer a turnaround time of three business days so that you can have your PR distributed quickly.


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Learn more about the press release writing process at Complete Writing Solutions.

PR Details

You provide us a draft of the product or service launch details that our press release writers need to incorporate in the content.

PR Writing

Our professional press release writers will create an SEO-optimized PR in a journalistic tone to better engage online media.

PR Distribution

We will syndicate the PR to major online media outlets to get your message the traction it needs for attention from potential customers.


Answers To Your Common Queries

  • What Type of Writing is Press Release?

    A press release is a specialized piece of content that showcases your product/service launch details to the media. Its journalistic tone, set to speak to professional newspapers and media, differs from how we would structure a product/service launch announcement.

  • Why Should I Hire Freelance Press Release Writers from CWE?

    We have a team of SEO press release writers at Complete Writing Solutions that understand the specific nuances of creating a striking communique to ensure your message gets noticed online. We also have the best press release distribution service, so you can rest assured your business message will get to the relevant media segments.

  • Can Copywriters Write Press Releases?

    Technically, yes. They can write press releases, but because copywriting has a fundamentally different style than writing a press release, they may miss out on the technical subtleties that go into writing a good press release. (See first question for details)

  • How Should I Choose the Best Press Release Writing Services?

    If you need an online press release, you must find a PR writer who understands keyword optimization. Then, once published, your content can get organic attention as the PR keeps bringing traffic to your website.

    Another quality to be on the look out for is that the writer must draft PRs in a journalistic tone. That is a prerequisite for professionally-written PRs and is the major difference between a PR a regular writer will create and one professional press release writing services will provide. Also check if their PR distribution services cater to major news channels.

  • How are Press Releases Published?

    Online press releases are distributed to media channels, where they get posted to their news site. With a humungous amount of traffic heading to those pages every day, your press release receives great exposure. More people discover your product or service launch and get interested in your brand. The best press release distribution is one that offers publication on the biggest news networks and the highest domain authorities.

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