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Every second matters when it comes to videos and keeping the viewers watching. So, while the initial hook is important, so is the rest of the animation. And our scriptwriters will make sure they use the most persuasive words to ensure you get actionable attention from your audience.

Scriptwriters have the tools to make a job easier or difficult for graphic designers. For example, a writer with no experience in creating video scripts may include verbose content without taking into account it may not match well with the animation. Therefore, it’s crucial to get a professional on board your project who understands these nuances and makes the entire process easier for all experts involved.

The scriptwriting teams at Complete Writing Solutions will create any type of video content for you and keep it in line with design requirements. This will reduce back and forth on your part and simplify the process.

Why Us

Why Choose Our Script Ghostwriters for Your Videos?

Quick Turnarounds

At Complete Writing Solutions, we always deliver on or before time. We know our clients would need a script right away so they can send it to their designers, and we never disappoint.

Ideation Experts

Not every writer can boast of possessing a talent for creative script writing. This niche requires complete ideation of how the video will start and flow and the corresponding descriptions and voiceover for it.

100% Original Content

When you choose our scriptwriter for hire, you will get original ideas and execution. We do not copy other work because we’ve never needed to—our professionals are too good at what they do.

Free Unlimited Revisions

Creative writing for video scripts is quite subjective. There are hundreds of ways to approach a topic, so if you don’t like a certain direction our experts take, you can always request changes—free of cost!




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Our Script Writing Process

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Tell us your goals for the video, the time limit, and all the relevant details like brand image, product info, etc.


Place your order and complete the payment to proceed. Our team will assign a dedicated account manager for you.


Our video scriptwriters will prepare a draft as per the project details and send it to you for feedback/approval.


Once you approve the final draft, our editors will conduct thorough final checks to polish up the document for delivery.


Answers To Your Common Queries

  • What is video scriptwriting?

    Video scriptwriting is the process of creating a visualization plan and voiceover content for any video. This involves the writer describing how each scene unfolds and its corresponding narration.

  • How to make script writing easy?

    One of the best and simple ways of doing this type of creative writing is by developing a scriptwriting format or template you can use. This can be as simple as a table of two columns, one describing the scene and the other including narration. Or, you can flesh things out and add more columns if you need, e.g., for instructions, for transitions, for notes/suggestions, etc.

  • How much budget should I set aside to hire a scriptwriter?

    The pricing varies depending upon the length and type of the video. If you need accurate quotes for scriptwriting online, you can talk to our customer reps at (302)-261-3679 and discuss your project requirements.

  • What types of scriptwriting services do you offer?

    At Complete Writing Solutions, we host professionals adept in a wide range of categories, including:

    • Animated video scriptwriters
    • Brand video scriptwriters
    • Corporate video scriptwriters
    • Live scriptwriters
    • Movie scriptwriters
    • Pitch scriptwriters
    • Recruitment scriptwriters
    • Short marketing scriptwriters
    • Storytelling scriptwriters
  • How is a promotional script different from an educational one?

    Both scripts will have different tones. The promotional one would be more salesy, trying to persuade a user to take action, like purchase, download, etc. On the other hand, an educational one will be directed towards the awareness of stage audiences who wish to learn about the product or service before buying it. So, it will be informative in nature.

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