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Writing thrillers is not easy, especially since you have to keep the reader on the edge of their seat with many twists and turns. Creating a fantastic thriller novel takes time and dedication, but if you have a unique idea for a thriller book, Complete Writing Solutions got you covered! We’re here to help you every step of the way with our expert authors, and we understand that everyone has different needs and wants, which is why we offer so many options when it comes to hiring an author. All of our writers have years of experience in their respective fields, they all possess degrees/certifications, and most importantly, they all want to see you succeed. Our team of editors will comb through your manuscript to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors, while our ghostwriters will do the same with your storyline, characters, etc. All of our work goes through an editing process before we publish it; this means you can rest assured that you’ll receive high-quality thriller books that are ready to go right out of the gate!

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At Complete Writing Solutions, we're all about delivering quality stories. So you know your thriller book will be in safe hands with proven writing, publishing, and marketing systems in place.

Experienced Team of Ghostwriters

To ensure that we're able to provide you with high-quality thriller book writing, we have expert thriller book writers who come up with unique ideas for your book to stand out in the crowd

24/7 Customer Assistance

If you are unhappy with your final draft, we will work with you until we agree on what needs to be changed. On the other hand, we are here for you if you need more time to finish or want our professional opinion on certain aspects of your fiction book.

Money-back Guarantee

We make sure you get professional thriller book writers who can deliver high-quality thriller books. Our writers are experienced in working with every thriller genre, including psychological action thriller, action thriller, crime thriller, a political thriller, mystery thriller and spy thriller.




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Our Unique Process of Creating Thriller Books

We Amaze Readers with Unforgettable Stories!

Ideas Brainstorming

The first step is to collect unique ideas. Ideas for a thriller novel come from everywhere: ideas for action scenes, plot twists, and romantic subplots can all be taken from what’s happening in everyday life.

Character Development

The main characters in a book must have a purpose and be flawed. If a character doesn’t have any flaws, they won’t be relatable to readers. Therefore, every character has its importance.

Novel Plotting

Thriller books are among some of the most popular types of fiction out there. Thrillers provide readers with a sense of danger and tension, which is why they can often be found on bestseller lists.


Our team delivers the final book to clients with proper formatting and grammar in this step. In addition, our writers proofread the book before publishing to maintain quality and reputation.


Answers To Your Common Queries

  • What is a thriller book script?

    A thriller novel script is a type of book which incorporates crime, mystery and drama elements. Usually, these books have recurring characters and an ongoing story arc, often featuring a detective or police officer. They also tend to be full of tension and action.

  • How do you get ideas for a book – namely, new thriller novels?

    Ideas come from everyday life – ordinary experiences, conversations with friends and colleagues, stories they tell you. We believe that it’s almost impossible not to have ideas if you keep your eyes open and your mind alert to new things.

  • How do you outline a chapter for a book?

    This outline will vary in length depending on your structure. The purpose of a chapter outline in our thriller books is to explain what we will cover, how we will. You may want to use a table of contents to help keep track of your topic headings throughout each chapter.

  • How do you revise a thriller novel? Are there certain considerations that make the revision process different?

    Revising is a large part of making sure your novel is ready to be published. It’s just as important to ensure you put insufficient time and effort into revising your novel as it was in drafting. There’s no ‘set-in-stone method, but we provide unlimited revisions to our customers.

  • What are some techniques for writing thrillers?

    Techniques for writing thrillers vary from author to author, but here are some general tips our thriller book writers usually use: every chapter should end with a cliffhanger. In a thriller book, your readers must worry about what will happen to your protagonist next. They should constantly be worried for his safety.

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